NOHA Winter School in Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development 2016 / Pavia

The NOHA Winter School in Pavia aims to build awareness on the concept of linking relief, rehabilitation and development, its evolution amongst humanitarian relief and development workers, and to promote sharing of experiences and approaches in order to improve dialogue and mutual understanding

The need of linking relief, rehabilitation and development (LRRD) has been on the international agenda for decades, since the food crises of mid-1980s in Sub-Saharan Africa. LRRD means that at all stages of intervention one has to take into account and strengthen measures that facilitate transition to, from and between relief, rehabilitation and development programmes.

The donors' community has endorsed LRRD in a number of policy documents, fora and statements. However, many challenges remain both at the conceptual and operational levels. While the LRRD concept has evolved over time, its implementation on the ground had remained difficutlt, as demonstrated by the high number of relatively uncoordinated EU responses to crises.

LRRD is a matter of funding and enhanced coordination mechanims, but it is as well a matter of culture and intervening actors. While contexts became increasingly complex, development and humanitarian staff find themselves working side by side. Differences in cultural tradition perceived mandates and identities can make collaboration and dialogue difficult.

The Winter School will be based on theoretical presentations, individual and groupwork exercises, video presentation, case studies presentation, group discussions and debates.

The Winter School is organised by the University of Pavia and CISP, and will involve lecturers from the academia, NGOs, and international organisations.

How to apply
Candidates should fill in the registration form. Upon registration candidates should also upload their CV. 

This course is targeted to humanitarian relief and development workers, Ph.D and Master programmes students.

Please note that the organisers do not support the visa application process.

Pre-registration until 31 October 2016.
(Once accepted, registrations will become effective after payment of the course fee).

Final payment deadline: 15 November 2016.
Prospective students are responsible for their own visa arrangements.

Course Fee
Course fee (including all course material): 215 €.
Students of the Master Programme in Cooperation and Development (University of Pavia) are exempted from the fees.
Payment procedure: NOHA Terms & Conditions

The fee will be fully reimbursed for valid reasons if requested before 30 November 2016 (a 50% cancellation fee will be retained from 1 December onwards).

The 5-day course will take place at the University of Pavia in Pavia, Italy. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. For further information:

For more detailed information about this programme, please download the PDF below.

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