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Founded in 1816

Located in the capital of Poland, University of Warsaw is the best and largest institution of higher education in Poland. Each year, the University provides education to approximately 55,000 students. Candidates are offered a broad range of courses in the fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, as well as many interdisciplinary courses combining knowledge and skills of many disciplines. The leading concepts of the University’s activity are the unity of teaching and research, and the harmonious development of all branches of knowledge represented in its curriculum. The University of Warsaw community includes 3,000 foreigners: students, doctoral students, employees and grantees of, among others, the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programmes.

The Master Programme in Humanitarian Action is run jointly by the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Institute of International Relations, both offering their expertise in different aspects of the humanitarian action, in particular international law, civil protection and international security. NOHA University of Warsaw is closely cooperating with many stakeholders from the humanitarian sector in Poland, including Polish Humanitarian Action, Polish Red Cross and the Department of Development Co-operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.


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  • Studying in Warsaw

    The University is located in the capital of Poland, one of the most dynamically developing European cities. Warsaw is the centre of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene. It is climbing steadily in world rankings of the most attractive places to live; it is in the top fifty of the City Brand Index and ranks 19th in the UN prosperity ranking. Warsaw is also an unchallenged leader considering Poland’s academic life: it is host to more than 200,000 students per year. Celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2016, the University of Warsaw is one of the oldest Polish colleges.
    The classes take place at the University’s historical main campus, located in the very heart of Warsaw and renowned for its splendid architecture. Its imposing buildings, some going back to the 17th century, are one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The opening of the nearby University Library building, which took place at the very end of the millennium, marked a new chapter in the history of the University’s architecture. New buildings, completed in the following years, are modern, functional and, moreover, architecturally interesting. The campus is very well linked with other parts of the city through the metro line and many bus routes passing just nearby. For the campus map see.

  • Academic calendar

    Academic year 2019-2020
    The academic year starts with an official ceremony at the beginning of October. A procession with the Rector, Vice-Rectors and members of the UW Senate walks from Kazimierzowski Palace – which houses the offices of the UW authorities – to the University’s largest hall, the Adam Mickiewicz Assembly Hall in the Auditorium Maximum building. During the opening ceremony, the Rector presents student books to the first-year students who have scored the highest marks in the admission process.
    Classes will start from 1.10.2019 and last till the penultimate week of January. They will be followed by a two week examination period. The whole semester will end on the first week of February.
  • Accommodation

    Full-time as well as short-term UW students can apply for university accommodation. The number of places in university dormitories is limited and therefore accommodation is assigned on a „first come first served” basis. A place in a dormitory is assigned for a whole duration of studies at UW. Please note that most dormitories offer double rooms only – to be shared with one other student. Bathrooms and kitchens are also common.
    Majority of the students decide to rent private accommodation – there is a plethora of options to choose from. Below see examples of the third-party accommodation search engines – University of Warsaw bears no responsibility whatsoever for their content:
  • Living costs

    Compared to other parts of Europe, Poland is attractive in terms of living costs. Accommodation and public transport rates are very affordable. Cinemas, theatres, museums and many other places offer students concession rates. You need to remember to always have your student ID card on you. 
    • a place in a student residence hall: from 95 (double room) to 150 (single room) euro monthly (380-600 PLN)
    • a single room in a private flat: from 200 euro monthly (from 800 PLN)
    • a studio apartment: from 375 euro monthly (from 1500 PLN)
    • a double hotel room: 35-100 euro per day (150-450 PLN)
    • a monthly season ticket for all means of transport in Warsaw: normal 27 euro (110 PLN), half-rate (for students) 14 euro (55 PLN)
    • a theatre ticket: 7-24 euro (30-100 PLN)
    • a cinema ticket: 3-7 euro (12-30 PLN).
  • Language courses

    Students of the University of Warsaw may learn 40 different languages. The University System of Language Provision was distinguished by the European Union with the European Language Label of the Labels award – a European mark of innovative approach in language teaching and learning. The language offer of the University of Warsaw is open not only to students, but also to non-students, including foreigners. However, the foreign language courses are not included in the tuition fee.
    Learning Polish: As part of the academic programme, the University of Warsaw offers all foreign students the possibility of enrolling on Polish Course for foreigners which is free of charge. It is run by the Center for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners POLONICUM throughout the academic year. Apart from typical language classes, lecturers focus on the practical acquisition of the Polish language. Students participate in film screenings, multimedia programs acquainting them with Polish history and culture, as well as in ethnographic workshops. More information about POLONICUM offer.
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  • Prof. (Dr. Hab. Iur.) Patrycja Grzebyk NOHA Director and NOHA President
  • Dr Elżbieta Mikos-Skuza Senior Lecturer
  • Prof. (Dr. Hab. Iur.) Patrycja Grzebyk NOHA Director and NOHA President
  • Dr Alicja Curanović NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr., D.Litt Andrzej Szeptycki NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr Marek Madej NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr Zuzanna Kulińska NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr Mateusz Laszczkowski NOHA Lecturer
  • Prof Dr Roman Kuźniar NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr, MPH Grzegorz Juszczyk NOHA Lecturer
  • Dr Dawid Sześciło NOHA Lecturer
  • Prof Dr Zdzisław Galicki NOHA Lecturer


Uniwersytet Warszawski / UW

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